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What’s Your Problem? Acne

What’s Your Problem? Acne

One of our most common messages on social media is from those struggling with acne - “I’ve tried so many products, all of which left my skin irritated, red, and damaged. What do I do?”

Unlike many skincare brands and drugs addressing acne, our natural and organic range is specifically formulated to soothe, nourish and heal. There are no stripping ingredients that leave your skin dry and flaky. Plus, you can rest easy knowing there are no harsh synthetic chemicals sitting on your skin - only the best high quality organic ingredients harvested from nature.

We always recommend our Clear Skin System if you’re struggling with acne. Here’s how you do it:

Super Citrus Cleanser:

Double cleanse, morning and night. Our first ingredient is aloe vera, not water. Your skin will feel refreshed and superbly clean afterward, not dry and tight.

Serum of Clear:

Serum of Clear may sting, and that’s because it’s active. It’s clearing your pores and refining your skin texture. Salicylic acid and lactic acid are the powerhouses here, to fight any breakouts and congestion.

 Face Tan Water:

A key product for clearing your complexion! It soothes inflammation, and hides redness. If you don’t want it to tan you, just mix half a teaspoon with two pumps of hydrator. If you want a glow, just use one teaspoon.

Super Fruit Hydrator:

A non-comedogenic moisturiser, and oil free. Use this as your last step morning and night. Don’t forget in the AM use our Face Sunscreen, which will not block your pores.


Super Acai Exfoliator:

Needs to be done on slightly damp skin. Massage in circular motions for a few minutes, around twice a week. Cleanse it off. The magnesium salts are antibacterial, and an effective way to deeply clean, remove dead skin cells and clear your pores.

 Glory Oil:

Liquid gold! It’s going to help reduce redness and inflammation. Only use once a week on clean skin.

TIP: Take progress photos for yourself so you can track results.

 Here’s what people are saying:

 I just wanted to say how much I’ve been loving your products. I’ve suffered from extremely bad hormonal acne since I was in my teens and literally tries every product under the sun. However, I finally decided to go give your products a go and I wanted to say that your products haver changed my skin in the last 2 months.


 My acne has been terrible for three years ow and it has almost fully cleared up after using your products for just over a month! My skin is looking so much better. I will be recommending this to anyone that will listen. I am so thankful!



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