The Nudge

An award-winning, raw organic business plan, to get you on your
path to building the business you've been putting off for years!

A Raw Organic Business Plan

To tell my story is to tell the story of millions of women throughout the ages. If I can rise from the ashes, so can you... and you will!

 I wrote this book of my real-life experience to remind you that YOU are strong, worthy and valuable and to encourage YOU to pursue those big, wild and magnificent entrepreneurial dreams. This world needs changing and it is waiting for YOU to rise.

Here's the nudge you've been waiting for - ready, set, go!


Sonya has created a manual full of inspiration; The Nudge will help you find your mojo and push you towards your business goals.

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"Sonya will either give you a million bucks or she won’t give you 20 cents."


"Sonya is the boss! She not only builds you up but keeps hounding you until you have met your full potential, she’s the ultimate wing woman"


Customer Reviews

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WOW just WOW!

I have just finished reading it- WOW just WOW! You brought up so many issues and challenges I have been facing-I even had a good cry it resonated so much!

To think someone such as yourself has felt pretty much every emotion and challenge I feel right now has been incredibly comforting and now I don’t feel so alone.

Your book told me to have faith, believe in myself, trust my gut, don’t worry what other people think and trust God. I really needed to hear that especially now.

So for all your success fame money and book there is something way more powerful and impressive to me- and that is your ability to reach a complete stranger such as myself in her darkest hour. For that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you so much for writing the book I am sure its helped so many… and isn’t that what life is really all about.

christine thomas
Its the best book I have read in a long time

I have just recently purchased The Nudge, omgosh, amazing. I cry every time I read page 25 at the bottom and I am hoping that very soon I wont. Its the best book I have read in a long time. I bought the book for daughter (27) and then when I started to read it she said I’ll buy my own (I had the best intentions but couldn't put it down). So on a mini road trip I read to her parts of the book, wow its been a very long time since I read to her lol. It inspired her, so thanks Sonya and she loved you writing as you would speak (Im assuming)

The Nudge Review - Andrew

I read your book today as I am starting my own branded product. I think this is the best and simplest no BS book I have ever read . Well done and thanks for the inspiration.

Margaret Kitchen
The Nudge Review

I loved the book. I could not put it down until I had finished it. So many times I was laughing and nodding my head in agreement. I have now passed it to my daughter to read, in the hope of inspiring her.

The Nudge Review - Woodie

Such an awesome read! I absolutely loved it. Lots of 'laugh out loud' moments.