Clear Skin System
Clear Skin System
Clear Skin System | Organic Skincare | Eco By Sonya Driver
Clear Skin System | Organic Skincare | Eco By Sonya Driver
Clear Skin System | Organic Skincare | Eco By Sonya Driver
Clear Skin System
Clear Skin System
Clear Skin System
Clear Skin System | Organic Skincare | Eco By Sonya Driver
Clear Skin System | Organic Skincare | Eco By Sonya Driver
Clear Skin System | Organic Skincare | Eco By Sonya Driver
Clear Skin System

Clear Skin System

$199.75 AUD

Take away the guess work and the endless search for a healthy skincare system with our Clear Skin System. We’ve put our beautiful, natural skincare in an affordable system for you. It has all been carefully curated and chosen for the optimal clear skin results. 

Will help clear, soothe, improve and promote your best skin ever. Your new natural skincare system is supercharged with Acai, Magnesium Salts, Aloe Vera, Orange Peel, Lemongrass, Avocado, Grapefruit and many more.

Created with ONLY organic and natural ingredients that are packed with botanical actives to love and clear your skin. Suitable for all skin types. Your teen skin essential!

NEW DESIGN – LIMITED EDITION – FREE Cosmetic Bag made out of recycled plastic bottles – Valued at $30.

Please note the colour of the cosmetic bag received in orders may vary from the displayed image.


Clear Skin System to help clean and clear problem skin. Your teen skin essentials.

Clear Skin System contains Super Citrus Cleanser 200ml, Super Acai Exfoliator 100ml, Face Tan Water 100ml, Super Fruit Hydrator 60ml & Glory Oil 30ml. 

This organic skincare range harnesses the phenomenal powers of vegetable, super fruits and seed formulations in order to revolutionise the health of your skin. Our organic skin care will nourish, soothe & restore your skin to its true glory. The best natural skincare with naturally derived ingredients enriched with vitamins, perfect for problem, dry or dull skin.

Embrace the extraordinary powers of organic vegetable, super fruit and seed formulations to unveil your clearest, smoothest skin ever. Our Clear Skin System will have your complexion feeling healthier in just a few simple steps. Perfect for teens.

Smooth, soothe and clear your skin with this organic skincare system. Full of antioxidants and anti-acne ingredients to help clean and clear your skin, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients to calm and refresh your complexion.

The secret weapon in this kit is our Face Tan Water™️ – non-comedogenic, anti-acne ingredients and super hydrating, it helps to reduce inflammation and even out and camouflage your uneven skin tone. Plus Glory Oil™️ as a treatment once or twice a week! Get ready for a clear and glowing complexion!

PERFECT for teens or those with problem skin. Although, ALL skin types can benefit from this phenomenal skincare system.

Get ready for your CLEAREST skin yet! 

Beautifully bundled in a FREE Cosmetic Bag made of our recycled plastic bottles – Valued at $30 PLUS FREE SHIPPING!


  1. Apply 1 to 2 pumps morning and night to face, neck and beyond.
  2. Wash off with warm water and repeat if necessary.
  3. For best results use in conjunction with the full Skin Compost collection.

An extra 25mls of your favourite Super Citrus Cleanser is now here to stay in our beautiful new 200ml bottles!


  1. Apply liberally to clean, dry skin on face, neck and beyond. Can be applied to wet skin after cleansing.
  2. Use once or twice a week.
  3. Massage on in circular motion and leave on the skin for approximately 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Rinse off with warm water.
  5. For oily skin leave on for up to 5 minutes.
  6. For best results use in conjunction with the full Skin Compost collection.


  1. Apply to clean, dry skin morning and/or night on face, neck and beyond.
  2. For best results, use in conjunction with the full Skin Compost collection.



Face Tan Water™ is a light weight non-comedogenic formulation specifically designed for face, neck and décolletage.

  • For best results we recommend you apply Face Tan Water™ to fresh clean dry skin just like a toner. That’s where it fits into your routine. Apply 2 -3 times per week for a radiant glow.
  • Use a few days in a row to build up your desired colour then we find 2 -3 times per week is enough to maintain it amongst your usual skincare routine.
  • Exfoliate at least 24 hours before applying Face Tan Water™, you only need to exfoliate once a week as our organic self-tans do need a certain amount of dead skin cells to adhere to and any more you’re just removing fresh healthy skin. 
  • Just use your fingers to apply as we find a cotton pad can soak up all the liquid. It contains nothing synthetic or artificial however we recommend washing your hands straight after application.
  • Make sure you’re applying enough product about at least a teaspoon per application to see a thin liquid layer on your skin.


  1. Apply a few drops to clean, dry skin every night (and/or morning) on face, neck and beyond.

Glory Oil™️ can also be used on the backs of your hands, nails, beards to provide instant hydration and moisture to your skin.

Absolutely NOTHING SYNTHETIC or ARTIFICIAL. MADE with ONLY ORGANIC and NATURAL INGREDIENTS and Certified by the Organic Food Chain Australia.

NO Harmful Chemicals, NO Synthetic Fragrances, NO Animal Derivatives, NO Synthetic Ingredients, NO Food Colouring, NO PEGS, NO Parabens, NO SD Alcohol, NO Phthalates, NO Petrochemicals, NO Propylene Glycol, NO Phenoxyethanol, NO Artificial Dyes, NO SLS/SLES, NO GMO’S, NO Formaldehyde, NO Aluminium, NO Sulphates

This product has super citrus cleanser 200ml, super acai exfoliator 100ml, super fruit hydrator 60ml, face tan water 100ml and glory oil 30ml in size.

All Skin Types
No Nasties
No Synthetic Fragrances
Teen Skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Leonie Deeker
Liked half the products

The Eco tan is not great as it enhances any facial discoloration like age spots. Was way too dark/ orange for me and didn’t cover redness.
The scrub is hard as rock and when I squeezed it the end exploded and I lost half of its contents in the shower! I was given a $20 voucher to compensate.
I like the cleanser moisturizer and glory oil.

Hi Leonie, put some moisturiser on the age spots before applying the Face Tan Water and try applying a little bit less of the product so it doesn't go as dark. Don't forget to apply our Face Sunscreen daily too.
Yes, the Acai Scrub is just cold. You need to warm it up before squeezing it out as it solidifies in cold temperatures. x

Casey Holt
Simply amazing

I’m so I love with these product. I have been searching my whole adult life for products like these.

Wiktoria Ohotski
not bad!

I love it except for the face tan water.I have been using it for a while and it made no difference to my face but my neck is with patchy spots. I have been using exactly as per the tutorials.

HI Wiktroia, It is a gradual tanner so do another application to build up your desired colour x

A couple of tips and tricks that may help:

1. Apply Face Tan Water 2-3 times per week just like a toner onto freshly cleansed dry skin.

2. Make sure you’re applying enough product. Use your hands or fingers to apply. We have full video tutorials on our website. The more you apply it, the deeper the tan. Build it up over a few consecutive days. Use about a teaspoon per application.

3. exfoliate at least 24 hours before applying your tan. It is an organic self tan and needs some dead skins cells to adhere to.

4. Also if you’re using an exfoliating cleanser or scrub daily you’ll be removing the tan before it has a chance to develop.

5. Wait until it’s dry before you apply any moisturisers, applying any other products too soon will dilute the effect.

6. Do a circle test on the inside of your wrist. Apply a ten cent peice amount, you’ll see the difference.

7. Steer clear of cleansers that contain soap and SLS as these are known to strip tans

Joanna Neal

I loved how the products smelled and felt from the first use but was a bit sceptical that they were actually going to clear my skin of the pesky breakouts. It took about month and a half of consistent use to calm down the pimples but now my skin looks and feels amazing.
The tan water is fantastic and I use it a few times a week.

Melissa Wright
Clear skin system

I've been using the eco clear skin system for a couple of weeks now and my skin is heaps more hydrated and feels so soft. I like how my skin feels after using the face compost but it is a bit harsh using it on dry skin, I found adding a tiny bit of water helps. In saying this, the first time I used it was in the shower making sure to dry my face before putting it on which I found was nowhere near as harsh and much more gentle. I have just turned 50 and I was worried about it not being hydrating enough for my skin but it is fine, especially using the glory oil, which instantly hydrates and my skins feels amazing, but the smell takes a bit to get used too. I found the face tan water worked if I applied it twice rather then only once, I really noticed the difference the next day, perhaps I haven't been using enough. This is the first time using this product, so very happy with purchase and look forward to trying some more of there anti-aging products.