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Loving all the products!

Love all the products can not fault anything, seen so many real changes in my skin!


Absolutely Gorgeous, one of the last products from the range I've tried & I honestly don't know why I hadn't tried it sooner.

If you love the invigorating smell of lemongrass then do your self a favour because this product not only helps your feel refreshed, it's smells Amazing!!!

Thank you Eco Tan (Sonya xx )

Love love love this product

Honestly it is perfect! I feel like Ive been looking for this type of quality, natural, organic, sensitive, Australian moisturiser product forever. I am using it on my baby bump but will continue to become a staple in my beauty care regime forever more. Clearly I couldn't be happier.

Sonya's Christmas Bundle
Jessica Beckham
Perfect set!

I love all the products and they are perfectly matched for what I need and use. Just love it all!! Highly reccomend and I will be buying before I run out!

Face Tan Water
Belinda Suzette
Very sensitive but happy skin

I have very sensitive skin, enduring the effects of chemotherapy as well as chronic dermatitis and this product has worked really well for me. It's light and subtle which I can build upon or not. Very happy with the results.

Glory Oil
Belinda Suzette
Glory Oil during chemotherapy

I used this oil liberally during chemo, on my face, neck, chest and arms as the chemotherapy was having a terrible effect on my skin.
The oil felt lush, light and lovely. Highly recommend.

Face Tan Water
Jane Simons
Absolutely love

The comments I have received since using this are outstanding. Cannot love it anymore than I do. Will forever be with my face tan water… and my skin feels amazing. Well done you for giving this to us.

Hempitan Body Tan Water
Tracey Stratton

I used this for the first time last night and was amazed at how quick and easy it was.
The colour is amazing.
Have recommended to friends and will definitely buy more due to how quick it is to apply. Also it dries really quick.
I left it on overnight ❤️

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Simone

Hi Lovelies! I’m a passionate advocate of glory oil and have been for approx 2 years. On July of this year I got diagnosed with skin cancer (bcc and melanoma). I am very lucky and had a fabulous team of GP, Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon … HOWEVER … and this is where this message comes in, I had a significant facial surgery to remove the cancer and provide healthy margins. Lots of stitches and swelling. I massage my surgery sight twice daily with glory oil & have been since 4 weeks post surgery. Nobody can quite believe the results. I am happy to send pics and provide a testimonial but above all, I wanted you to know.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Teen Skin Bundle Review - Shaye

I have to tell you I could cry with happiness how much your products have helped me!! Since covid my skin has been in horror my eczema was flaring up on my face with what felt like it was beyond repair and my skin was breaking out fiercely due to wearing masks, having to work in the heat and wearing makeup. I have tried SO MUCH and it has not worked but my skin is so in love everything I have purchased (I basically own the entire collection now🤣) but my god! Best money I’ve ever bloody spent! Thank you thank you thank you Sonya you are the best in the bizz xoxox

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Fiona

I'm a convert and the Glory Oil is amazing. I have seen a noticable reduction of redness on my face. And the tanning products are awesome. After a few days, other products flake and your skin looks almost reptile like but this never happens with eco tan products.


Best fake tan I have ever used !!
Will buy again

Coconut Body Milk
Melissa Collis
Love love love ❤

Being over 50, not that I feel it 🤪 , and always having fake tan on, my skin was ways dry and looked older. As soon as you put this on your skin is young and supple. It soaks in and feels and looks amazing.
This will be my life long friend xx

Great product

I have extremely sensitive skin prone to psoriasis and chemical sensitivity. This moisturiser is beautiful. It goes on easily, absorbs well, leaves skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It's a staple in my house along with the citrus cleanser.

Best Ever

I’m 67 and have struggled with skin for most of that until, Eco products came along. I was sceptical at first because I’ve spent so much money on products that did not work. Now I love love love all of these, they actually work so give it ago, you won’t be sorry.

Not the right tan for me.

I already have an olive complexion, but just wanted a natural tan to even it out in the lead up to Summer. Hempitan left my skin orange and smelly (not as bad as other tans, but still not pleasant). I was hoping Hempitan would be different, as I really love the Glory Oil! Not to be sadly.

Hi J. Thanks for your feedback! Our organic self-tanners don't contain any synthetic dyes or orange stains, and we also don't use any artificial fragrances! Be sure to exfoliate your skin 24-48hrs prior to tanning for best results and watch our video tutorials to see how you can get the perfect tan using this product. If you need any further tips, please don't hesitate to email us at :)

Super Fruit Toner
Caitlyn W.

Love the product, beautiful smell! Also think I may have got a faulty bottle, after probably 10 uses the spray nozzle stopped working & I now can’t use the rest :(

Hi Caitlyn! So happy to hear that you love your Hempitan results! We'd be happy to help you with your pump if you just send us an email to :)

Fabulous face tan

I’m 66 yrs old and have never gone without makeup in public until using this product. I was very wary at first but absolutely love it as it’s toned down my rosacea as well . Initially on application there was a slight stinging and I thought it might not be suitable but it disappeared quickly and I can’t believe how simple it is to apply and really surprised by the results. Thankyou .

Glory Oil
Drita Sawdy
Glory Oil

This oil is the best I have ever used. Been using it for a few weeks now and I am loving how hydrated, clear and smooth my skin is looking and feeling. I have now included the super citrus cleanser, the super fruit toner and hydrator. Could not be happier with the results. Great product and love that it contains no nasty ingredients.

Best sister gift ever

My sister generously gifted me one & I am loving it as it really is refreshing, it goes along way I’ve been enjoying it for a few months now and loving it.

Amazing!!! Life saver!!!

I was very sceptical trying this at the start as I have very sensitive skin. Usually I have flawless skin, but since wearing a mask due to the pandemic got my skin breaking out uncontrollably with pimples and red rashes. It got to the point of not wanting to look at my face in the mirror. Since purchasing the 3 step skin care system with the toning mist. Each day I saw improvements. It's only been 4-5 days and my skin is once again glowing. I am so happy I made the right decision in purchasing these items. It's definitely saved my skin and I can now smile and be confident in showing off my skin again. Thank you eco tan xxx

Face Tan Water
Tara Reade
Face Tan water

This is an amazing product , I follow up with glory oil and away I go has a beautiful glow .love love love it.

Glory Oil
Felicity Egginton
Glory Oil helped heal my burn!!!

When I was about 23 weeks pregnant I accidentally burnt my tummy on a hot oven dish. It started blistering within 24 hours, for the first week or so I applied burn creams but once the blistering had dried out I started using the Glory Oil to help in the healing process. I honestly thought I would have a giant scar on my belly my whole pregnancy but this product has saved me! I applied it only once everyday for several weeks and this is the results. I know it will continue to heal but I am so happy with the results already considering I thought I would have a giant scar. Highly recommend!

Fabulous skin care range

I have been using this skincare range for about 2 mths now and my skin feels so much more clearer and hydrated. Love the smell of the products and how much better my skin feels. Really happy with this range and will recommend!! My regular go to now for my skin!!

Super Fruit Hydrator
Michelle Williams
Life Saver

When I purchased this moisturiser along with the face tan water I was experiencing terrible breakouts around my nose & mouth/chin area. I am in my 50's & had not experienced this before even as a teen. Having to wear a mask for long periods each day was not helping either. I started using these products and my skin has now completely cleared up. The moisturiser is light and easily absorbed and the face tan water is easy to use and gives great results without looking like you have used a "fake tan". Great Aussie products! Thanks Sonya.