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Beautiful gradual tan

This is a beautiful gradual tanning product, it rubs in just like moisturiser and has a subtle smell. Just one application leaves a nice glow for your body!

My absolute favourite!

I cannot recommend this product enough, I tell everyone about it. I love the gradual tan for your face and love that it doesn’t clog your pores like every other tanning product. It really is the best ever!

The best!

Absolutely love this product! I use it on everything from blemishes to scars, to stretch marks and also include it in my nightly face routine. It really is unbelievable, a little bottle of magic!

Glowing skin!

I love this face mask! It smells amazing and leaves your skin glowing!

Absolutely love it!

This product has been a game changer especially for my young son who usually swells up wiring bug bites. We put this on whenever we are outside at dusk/night and it keeps the bugs at bay. Also is good to apply to bites (if you forget to spray beforehand), took the swelling down quickly and the bites completely disappeared over night which is perfect for little bodies and sensitive skin. It also smells amazing, we won’t go outside in the evenings without it on.

Beautiful cleanser

Love the smell and feel of this cleanser and will continue to use daily. I did leave on way too long once (while shaving my legs) and my skin was irritated afterwards but this was my own fault so now I only leave on for 20-30 seconds then rinse with no irritation. Leaves my skin feeling clean and beautiful, and I follow with glory oil or eco tan face water for a perfect finish.

Beautiful Sunscreen

This sunscreen is quite divine but as expected with most sunscreens it is slightly greasy. It’s super soft to touch although it does leave you looking quite “white”. It’s not perfect but still much better than any other I’ve tried and I’ll continue to use this product on myself and my young child for sun protection.

Best products I’ve ever used

I started using the clear skin system end of 2019 using the cleanser and moisturiser 2x daily, glory oil before bed most nights and the scrub and face tan water here and there (as I can be a little slack with remembering) I used it for 12 months straight and took 1 photo before I started and waited until now to compare it (13 months later) and am absolutely blown away by the changes my skin is not red, sore or blotchy anymore it is smooth, feels great and looks 100x better and even has colour now even my scarring is minimal. For the first time in 14 years I can look at myself in the mirror and not hate what I see, I even leave the house without any make up on now which I can tell you I have not done since I was in my early teens (now in late 20’s) I have used so many products most dermatologist recommended and all ended up giving me break outs or flair ups where these products do the complete opposite! Could not be happier with the results! I will be a lifetime customers and using these products in the future if my kids go through breakouts in their teen years!

Stop reading this review and just go buy it!

I am not one to write reviews but I had to for this amazing product! I am a mum of three kids and also work. Every busy mum tends to put herself on the bottom of the list..(Facials, tanning etc are rare!) I didn't have time to wait around for the tan to dry so I would end up getting dressed too fast and then go blotchy! So I gave up on tanning. Not anymore! First the face water won me over so I was excited to try the body tan water. This tan dries so fast and the colour you get after just one application is very impressive! It also smells great! ..AND doesnt rub off on clothes..AND you dont need to wash it off an hour after! Amazing! Thank you for making such an incredible product...this doesn't just give me a great tan it makes me feel great and gives me confidence too! X


I’m 53 and wanted to improve my décolletage, I’ve been using daily for about a week now and already seeing improvements. So happy to have purchased this oil.

Totally recommend glory oil

LOVE this product been using for a couple of years now, my daughter has bad eczema and it has helped immensely and myself for scars. Totally recommend grab yourself a bottle today!

Amazingly effective product!

I absolutely love the eco tan water. It provides a gradual and natural tan. I love that I can use the tan water and no foundation as it provides a lovely and natural glow. Highly recommend this product!

Acne Scarring

Oh my god. This Glory Oil is unbelievable. I wish i had taken a before and after photo to show you all. My son HAD very bad acne and red scarring all over his face. I was at the point of putting him on medication but i knew first had the side effects of Roaccutane and did not want to put him through it. I stumbled across Glory Oil on line and thought i had nothing to lose. In just three weeks my sons acne is almost gone and the scarring has faded to nearly invisible. I cannot beleive it. The change in his skin is actually life changing. Anyone that suffers from acne will understand what i mean. He is using it in conjunction with a tea tree based wash just once a day. Im trying to get him to do it twice per day but he is a teenager. Just 7 drops of Glory Oil rubbed between his hands and then all over his face. Thats it. I still cannot beleive the change. I will be forever grateful to Sonya for developing this product. Anyone who is suffering the pain and embarrassment of acne please do yourself a huge favor and give this a go. It has changed my sons life and releived me of the constant torment of seeing him suffer. Thanks again Sonya.

Love it

I love the cooling feeling of the mask and my skin feels amazing after it! Have not used the glory oil much yet but look forward to using more! Headband was a bonus!

Nice but maybe not for me

Smells beautiful and left skin feeling soft however my skin seems to be sensitive/irritated by the product. I have only used it twice so far but am uncertain about using it again. I really like the other products I got with it however (Glory Oil and Face Compost Purple mask)

Product Review

Love this product!

Game changing skin routine

If you're thinking about buying it - do it!! Best thing I ever did for my skin. Cleared up my dry under eyes and makes my skin so hydrated and smooth. I use these as well as the glory oil and its amazing.

Not a fan

A let down, most products I love but this was a huge let down. Didn’t do anything for me and had an odd smell.

Hi Steph, It takes a couple of weeks for your body to adjust to using an organic natural deodorant.
It is not supposed to block your sweat glands as your body needs to release toxins. However, it is formulated to mask smells and absorb wetness. If you have just made the switch your body takes a few weeks to detox. Stick with it while your body detoxes and you will be happy you made the switch to an organic and natural deodorant. x

My body and Bathroom smell beautiful

Thank you ECO Tan, this body wash is beautiful, the smell is divine and it feels so clean on your body if that makes sense, not to mention my bathroom also smells fresh and clean
Thank you for your beautiful products and my free gift
That was a beautiful surprise and I'm one happy customer that will return back
Thank you


I have been going to try this for so long, not sure why I waited,its absolutely beautiful, just gives you such a natural look, not being in my teens I thought I'm to old for this stuff, but I was so wrong, I don't like wearing a lot of make-up and face tan water sure does help give you that natural glow, thank you ECO Tan your products and service are Amazing.

Best Moisturiser ever

Words cannot explain how amazing this product is it’s a must for everyone

Under eye dark circles

Can somebody tell me is it usefull for under eye dark circles.. will it give glow to dark circles under eye?


I use the entire skin compost range and recently decided to add this to my skin regime. I have sensitive 45year old skin . I used after super citrus cleanser and super açai exfoliator. Honestly my skin has never felt so smooth and hydrated ! My new favourite !


I received this product last week and already so addicted! Love how it gives a natural glow and don't even need to wear foundation! Absolutely love it! Can't go without now.

Amazing product!

I've been using Glory oil for almost 2 years now, I have combination/ dry skin and a bit of hyperpigmentation and eczema. Started using as skin would get dry patches and was very dull. Since using it, my skin feels and looks better! I don't produce more oil despite using it every night (small amount), which I was reluctant when first purchased. Definitely recommend trying, has made my complexion visibly better. Now I only buy the 100ml and it has lasted me almost a year! Amazing stuff.