Organic Beauty VS Mainstream Beauty

The mistruths about mainstream beauty... what harmful chemicals are people putting on their skin everyday? Time to choose an ORGANIC skin care range!

Using an organic skin care range really does make a difference.

There are SO many mistruths in Mainstream Beauty today, I want to educate YOU to choose an organic skin care range. Hey, even if it isn’t ours – be aware, read labels, do your research and know what is REALLY going onto your skin.

Things happen it life that lead you on a path. I became consumed with finding an organic solution as a safer tanning alternative.

Not only was there not a single organic tanning product, but I quickly started to recognise how harmful a simple lipstick was! I sure wasn’t going to use them and I definitely wasn’t going to take that risk on my sister’s skin. It is in these very moments, that Eco Tan my organically certified company was born. I vowed to speak up to Australian’s about toxic chemicals in mainstream beauty. Further, to make them aware of greenwashing.

Look Deeper

As a result, the biggest message I always try to get across to consumers is that your skin is your body’s largest organ and a lot of what we put onto it absorbs into the blood stream. We need to look after it! The first step is to start researching and have a look at the ingredients on labels. Don’t fall for false fancy marketing claims and pretty packaging. Look a big closer and take a look at the big picture!

The biggest problems with these products is that we pile copious amounts of them onto our skin on basis. If you think about it we wake up, shower with a body wash, apply our moisturiser, make up, deodorant, perfume and the list goes on! We don’t think about it, but can you imagine the layers upon layers of chemicals that are piling up onto our skin?

Eco Tan & Eco By Sonya Driver Organic Skin Care Range

We aim to be completely transparent with the organic ingredients we use in our organic skin range – both Eco Tan and Eco By Sonya Driver products. We always opt for the natural alternative from Mother Nature such as Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Rose Geranium and Lemongrass.

Let’s talk about a few common chemicals.

Here is something all of us use, fragrances. Yes, fragrances may smell nice, but trust me there is nothing pretty about it. Fragrances on a label can indicate the presence of up to four thousand separate ingredients, many toxic or carcinogenic. Not to mention the common anti freeze propylene glycol! This little nasty is found in many cosmetics and has a rap sheet too long to mention. In a nutshell, it is a petro chemical that penetrates the skin and can weaken protein and cellular structure.

Next is parabens, often found in something we all trust – our moisturiser. Here is a perfect example; I was out to lunch with my mother and she pulled out a hand cream that she had been using for years. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw my own mother, blissfully unaware, lathering hands with a product that contained two parabens and other toxic chemicals. Sometimes I feel like my voice gets lost at sea. Thankfully, most of the time these little nasties have been exposed and consumers are staying away from these synthetic ingredients.

False representation! “Fake-Ganics”

parabens in cosmetics

Parabens are nasty preservatives found in most mainstream cosmetics

The biggest issue is that companies will often sprout about what they don’t contain and give consumers a false impression that their products are free of nasties. I understand it seems daunting to research all ingredients. However the more you look the more you will start to recognise the same ingredients popping up time and time again.

How can you skip the legwork and still purchase a safer product? I would suggest buying an Australian certified organic skin care range. And one where each product contains an organic processor number. Meaning every raw ingredient has been scrutinised, including the storage, packing and labelling… Everything must be approved by the organic certifier or it will never hit the market as an organic product. It is not as easy as paying a fee. To pass the Australian government organic and biodynamic standards, you have to be squeaky-clean and a company’s core message and integrity is often visible. Keep your eyes open, make informed choices and always remember…

The truth is always visible.