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In The Driver’s Seat by Sonya Driver

Buckle up. Sonya Driver, Eco Tan founder, may have just created the best podcast of 2020. Sonya has an incredible knack for unravelling layers of the human spirit. Rather than your standard interview Sonya, invites people she finds fascinating and inspiring and with their own story to tell into her drivers seat to have a conversation. She connects with her guests on a deep level, takes them to a place of vulnerability and that’s where they will find the gold. This inspirational podcast will make you laugh and it will make you cry. It’ll be raw, honest and heartfelt. There’s swearing.



Episode 9.

The Australian warrior fighting the domestic violence epidemic. Simone Patterson.

The domestic violence warrior Simone Patterson takes us inside this epidemic. Simone Patterson is the Founder of The Sanctuary, a Domestic Violence sanctuary for women, children & pets.

It is a very important conversation to have as May is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month. A time to raise community awareness of domestic and family violence and to send a clear message that domestic and family violence in families and homes will not be tolerated.

Episode 8.

Prostitute & heroin addict to Australian of the year

Sit down, grab a cuppa or a wine, as Sonya chats to Bronwen Healy. Bronwen is one incredible bloody overcomer. Her story is one that will change you. From a messed up heroin addicted Sex worker to charity founder & crusader to help other women transform their lives.

A fighter, a warrior. The shit life has thrown her way, you won’t believe. She falls down hard, gets back up, dusts it off and gets on with it. They talk miracles and that they absolutely exist and Bronwen is one extraordinary example of this. Your past is not your future.

Episode 7.

The man with an open heart. Sebastian Guilhaus

Hello everyone, so today IN THE DRIVERS SEAT I have someone absolutely incredible, someone who is brave enough to be vulnerable and that I haven’t seen in anyone for a long time or maybe not ever. I’m going deep into the mind of Seb …. Seb Guilhaus. I see something.



Episode 6.

The queen of nutrition shares her wisdom on all things food.

Sonya chats to Bec Megan, an amazing integrative health coach about all things food and how she teaches others to switch to healthier and yummier alternatives. We are all so confused with what to eat. Bec chats about how it really is simple to eat better. Whole foods, veges and good fats are essential.

Website:  https://www.rebeccamegan.com/


Episode 5.

Sonya chats with Tara Pavlovic about all things Reality TV and the actual reality of it.

Sonya asks Tara the questions you’ve been wondering like is there a producers choice? Tara takes us behind the scenes on The Bachelor and Bachelor in paradise. Plus the two talk about life after Reality TV.


Episode 4.

Emma, an extraordinary woman, mother, daughter, fighting stage 3 cancer with a mindset that will blow you away.

Sonya chats to Emma Page, wife, mum of 3, small business owner and warrior fighting stage 3 cancer. Keeping a positive mindset when your plate is piled high with responsibilities and you happen to be fighting stage 3 cancer.


Episode 3.

Brilliant Psychologist Rebecca Holt offers relief to your mental health.

The most important podcast episode you need to listen to in this time of stress… In this episode of IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT, Sonya chats with Rebecca Holt, a Psychologist with 17 years of experience who is passionate about empowering people through periods of adversity. Rebecca explains whole brain activation and why you need it now. In this time of stress and uncertainty it is important to remember your own mental health.

YOUR ENERGY where to use it & recharge it.  Learn the difference between your SAFETY BRAIN and your THINKING BRAIN.


Episode 2.

Meet Charles… the man that juiced for 300 days and lost a whole lot of sickness and 83.93 kg.

In the second episode of IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT, Sonya chats with Charles Bruno an absolute legend of a guy, about getting his life back and what led to his extreme decision to drink juice for 300 days straight without eating a morsel of food and what that did for his life, health and family. .

You will be blown away by his story. A brilliant insightful amazing juice coach. Charles has been Sonya’s secret weapon against her sabotage voice! He provides actionable tips that you too can use in your daily life. This is his story.


Episode 1.

Meet Kate – The young mum given 6 months to live. Faced with two choices. Accept it or say f!$k off no thanks and fight for her life. Her story is incredible.. 

In the first episode of IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT, Sonya chats with Kate Malvenan from @its_not_kates_time to discuss life, death, love and taking back the power. The young Gold Coast mum was given 6 months to live by doctors (that was 12 months ago). In her mind she was faced with two choices. Accept it gracefully or say f!$k off no thanks and rip off her gloves and fight for her life.

Sonya and Kate talk about the choice she made and her incredible & inspiring journey along the way. There’s tears, there’s swearing. It’s real & raw. Sonya and Kate chat about taking back the power and the positive strength she drew from the support of her community and strangers. This is Kate’s Story.