Welcome Our New Product!

Our luxurious adjustable headband is an
essential to use with our beautiful organics.


A Win For All!

A win for the vulnerable children in Kenya,
a win for the planet (tube made from Sugar Cane)
& a win for your hands with our rich organics.


The First & Best!

Face Tan Water is our organic invention!
The original & revolutionary filter for your face.


New Product Alert!

Our new Purple Power Mask is like no mask
you've ever tried before!


Australian Clean Beauty

Focusing on clean, safe organic ingredients that are
good for your skin & our planet. There’s nothing
beautiful about ugly ingredients.


Making Australian History

Since the beginning, Sonya has been dedicated to
creating a healthier, animal friendly and
environmentally friendly eco range.


Australia's First Certified Organic, Tanning, Skincare and Body Care.

Certified Organic. All Natural. Proudly Vegan. Cruelty Free. Toxic Free. Australian Made & Owned.
Innovative Green Packaging. Global Multi-Award Winning Company.


Our Best Sellers

Honest, True & Kind

Face Tan Water

“Having a glowing face thanks to a sunless tan really can change my mood, as the glow ignites from within. I’ve used Eco Tan Face Tan Water for a long time now to add colour to my complexion & give me that hint of extra confidence we all sometimes crave a top up of. Give it a whirl. I bet you will not only see, but you will feel the difference too. #Nonasties either”


Skin Compost Collection

“For 6 months I have been using your full range of skin products for my recovery from having melanoma removed. My scar in minimal because of your amazing products and I canʼt thank you enough for being part of my healing process. Keep on making these great products, you are changing peoples lives. Glory oil has been life changing! I was horrified with the scar left behind and became very shy and withdrawn at work but your full range of skin care and especially massaging glory oil in each night has made me a confident person again. Today marks 6 months since surgery and I canʼt believe how well itʼs healed. So thank you!”


Clear Skin System

“I have been using the Clear Skin System for 4 months now. I can not believe the change that I have seen in my skin over the past four months. My skin got worse for the first couple of week as it detoxed but after that every week I saw improvement after improvement. I am having so many less breakouts, my scarring is clearing, my pigmentation has seemed to lighten and I seem to have less fine lines. I hardly wear foundation anymore, I just wear Face Tan Water and a little bit of powder. I am so much more confident with my skin and have recommended this pack to everyone I know.”





Cruelty Free


No Nasties