Organic Face Cloths
Organic Face Cloths
Organic Face Cloths
Organic Face Cloths

Organic Face Cloths

$19.95 AUD

Our beautiful Organic Face Cloths are a gorgeous addition to the list of not-for-profit products we already have, like our Mango hand cream. We present to you a set of three incredible, reusable, organic face cloths wrapped safely in a storage bag. Including two cleansing cloths and our genius, exfoliating cloth, this product is incredible at removing makeup, dirt and grime and deeply exfoliating. Made from 100% Organic Cotton and 100% Organic Bamboo.

A friend always reminds me (however, I have completely forgotten that I said this to him); “I’m going to become successful so I can help the less fortunate". To be honest, nothing lights my soul on fire like helping others. I feel like it truly is my purpose and really, what’s more important?

One of my greatest achievements is launching our not-for-profit organisation, The Miracle Made Foundation.


This pack includes two beautifully soft, white cleansing washcloths and our stroke of genius, one brilliant exfoliating washcloth to use in conjunction with our Super Acai Exfoliator. These are wrapped safely in a storage bag. Made from 100% organic cotton and bamboo, our reusable face cloths are extraordinary for removing makeup, cleansing & exfoliating!

These are more than just face cloths… 100% of the profits from our Organic Face Cloths go to our Miracle Made Foundation. This not-for-profit foundation has an immediate impact on individuals and animals. From the birth of this product, we wanted to create a circle of empowerment, and so these incredible washcloths have been carefully curated and handmade by one of our philanthropic partners. Local women were employed as part of a small workforce of people that were otherwise forgotten. These cloths have created security and opportunities for these women, resulting in a continuous circle of giving.


We recommend using our Organic Face Cloths in conjunction with our Skin Compost Range to remove makeup, exfoliate, cleanse and so much more!

TIP: Mix our incredible Super Citrus Cleanser with a few drops of Glory Oil for an oil-based cleanser, perfect for removing makeup. Wipe away makeup residue with our white, cleaning washcloth.

For a deeper cleanse, use the Terracotta coloured, exfoliating face cloth with our Super Acai Exfoliator to deeply clean and clear pores.

Care Instructions

Cold, gentle, machine wash in storage bag. Alternatively, you can use our Super Citrus Cleanser or Coconut Mint Body Wash or Earth friendly detergent to clean and rinse with cold water. Dry in a shaded area.

These washcloths are reusable.


White, cleansing cloths are made from 100% Organic Bamboo.

Terracotta, exfoliating cloth is made from 100% Organic Cotton.

Storage Bag is made from 100% Organic Cotton.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Margarita Parada
Soo soft

I love the size,really soft material dryes quickly perfect to be used with Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub or to be used like hot towels...I recommend this product 100% !!

Jody Saunders

Those three 100% organic and cotton cloths are perfect to use when doing your beauty routine or taking off make up. They are SUPER soft. I would recommend them to everyone.

Angelique Acatos
Game changer

I’ll never use anything else to take of my make up. Used with cleanser and glory oil combined my make up comes off with one wipe.


These are tiny and I wondered if they'd make the grade.
They are amazing. Really soft and you actually don't need anything bigger!

Siala rod
Excellent product

I absolutely love this new product.
I love the feeling on my face after washing with it. I highly recommend it.