Cleverly Blended Essential Oils For Your Outdoor Enjoyment

The NEWEST addition to our luxurious Eco By Sonya Driver range is an outdoor body spray. Next week, you will officially get to meet our Organic Personal Outdoor Spray!

 What you need to know about our outdoor body spray:

“It was so refreshing to be able to spray something that smelt so good and wasn’t toxic on him.”

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Cass Wicks, mother & attorney

Get weekend ready with Eco Tan!

The weekend is coming and you need the perfect bronze look. Here is our guide to the best tan results! First tip, your preparation starts Wednesday.

Need the perfect bronzed look for the weekend?

We share our Guide to get YOU the best tan results!

We have prepared a guide using our Certified Organic products that guarantees you will get your best tan results and natural glow for the weekend. Preparation is key to a perfect and even tan. So, to look your best, bronzed self on Saturday, your tanning routine actually starts on Wednesday.


Scrub - Weekend prep

It is vital that you always exfoliate before applying tan. Before your shower (morning or night, whichever you prefer), use our Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub on dry skin. This will exfoliate, detoxify and intensely hydrate your skin, leaving you with seriously smooth skin – this is essential for best results! We recommend using our Extreme Exfoliant Glove to provide a deep exfoliation. Our glove removes dead skin cell layers and old tan to reveal fresh, smooth skin – perfect for your tan preparation!

Awards Season – Eco Tan Wins Coveted Award!

The Eco Tan HQ is buzzing! Why? Because 3 of our best selling organic products were awarded at t the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2016!



Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2016!

February has been an absolutely crazy month of celebration here at Eco Tan and Eco By Sonya Driver. Why? Because three of our organic best sellers were awarded internationally in the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2016!

The Natural Health International Beauty Awards celebrate the very best in natural and organic beauty from around the world. Also, these awards are of the highest standard in the beauty industry as experts test, the editor approves and readers vote for the winners.

We can’t contain how excited we are!

It was only a year ago that we first arrived in the UK and Sonya and some of the wonderful ladies in the Eco Tan team visited London. Fast forward 12 months and not only did we beat our big players in the UK – for their own home-grown accolades! We are also celebrating 3 of our organic products as heroes in the natural beauty market!

Organic Beauty VS Mainstream Beauty

The mistruths about mainstream beauty... what harmful chemicals are people putting on their skin everyday? Time to choose an ORGANIC skin care range!

Using an organic skin care range really does make a difference.

There are SO many mistruths in Mainstream Beauty today, I want to educate YOU to choose an organic skin care range. Hey, even if it isn’t ours – be aware, read labels, do your research and know what is REALLY going onto your skin.

Things happen it life that lead you on a path. I became consumed with finding an organic solution as a safer tanning alternative.

Not only was there not a single organic tanning product, but I quickly started to recognise how harmful a simple lipstick was! I sure wasn’t going to use them and I definitely wasn’t going to take that risk on my sister’s skin. It is in these very moments, that Eco Tan my organically certified company was born. I vowed to speak up to Australian’s about toxic chemicals in mainstream beauty. Further, to make them aware of greenwashing.

The Most Important Question Of Your Life

We ask you American self-help author, blogger and entrepreneur Mark Manson's question... What is the most important question of your life?

The Most Important Question Of Your Life – Mark Manson

A few of us at the Eco Tan HQ connected so deeply with this article that we had to share… Written by from American self-help author, blogger and entrepreneur, Mark Manson.

Everybody wants what feels good. Everyone wants to live a carefree, happy and easy life, to fall in love and have amazing sex and relationships. To look perfect, make money and to be popular, well-respected and admired. To be a total baller to the point that people part like the Red Sea when you walk into the room.

Everyone would like that — it’s easy to like that.

If I ask you, “What do you want out of life?” and you say something like, “I want to be happy and have a great family and a job I like,” it’s so ubiquitous that it doesn’t even mean anything.

New Year, New You! Time to Embrace 2016!

Will you commit to a new you for 2016? Come January 1st we always promise this year will be different. Let's stick to our 2016 New Years Resolutions!

New Years Resolutions

It happens every year. We all promise to ourselves that come January 1st, a new version of ourselves will emerge. A version that actually enjoys exercise and doesn’t stuff their face with junk food at every chance they get. GUILTY! It’s time to set our New Years Resolutions for 2016, something we can actually stick to…

It always starts off with good intentions, but suddenly it’s January 7th and we’re still in our pyjamas at 4pm. Having spent the whole day watching TV, with 2 empty packets of Doritos by our side. Oops!

Fear not! This year is different, because we want to inspire many to embrace 2016 as a year of holistic and healthy living. We want you to feel healthier and, in turn, happier!

Highlights of 2015 – The Year That Was!

Well 2015 has been kind to me personally and to our Eco Tan team.

I really hope our loyal customers have blossomed and thrived in 2015. Just a few quick highlights!


At the age of 49 my family and I moved in our first house that we built. To begin with we had a small pool ? In the extreme heat of QLD! Given this, we are going to truly enjoy our first summer in 10 years. This house was on my vision board for 8 years.

Personal Highlights in 2015

After being a single mum for the past 7 years, to now living with Gary (who has been in our lives for the last 5 years) the compromise has been interesting! Poor bastard doesn’t know what all the screaming is about. We scream when we are excited, sad, mad whatever. We love noise. That’s why we built him a man room with a dirty big telly.

A new addition to the Eco Community Mentoring Program!

Eco Community: What is a life without helping others?

It’s always incredibly satisfying to assist someone in need or give back. Eco Tan was founded on the principles of serving others in the community. Sonya always says

“We were born with two arms. One to help ourselves and one to help others.”

We LOVE to ‘give back’! We regularly sponsor animal refuses… And we even paid for surgery for homeless dogs! Sonya is also passionate about sponsoring a Romanian woman and children, a cause close to her heart. Furthermore, Sonya even donated her wedding gifts to a local domestic violence charity – read more about that here.

Since its conception, Eco Tan has always been out in the community, helping other small businesses grow in the same way. Sonya’s core beliefs has driver her to always be happy to offer FREE mentoring advice to other businesses. Thus, the ‘Eco Community Mentoring’ program was born… Through Sonya’s natural passion for giving back and sharing her blessings with others.

Summer Guide for Sun Safety!

Summer is around the corner, so here is our sun safety guide for a safe summer. Find out the cause of damage to your skin and what you can do to prevent it.

Eco Tan’s Sun Safety Guide for a Safe Summer

With the summer at its peak in the Northern Hemisphere and on the horizon for us down under, we can all agree we are looking forward to warm days spent having fun in the sun at the beach or the park making the most of the beautiful weather. However, it is critical during summer more than ever to remember to protect your skin from the damaging impacts the sun can have. Here are our sun safety tips.

Baby Sunscreen

As you may know Eco Tan & Eco By Sonya Driver were pioneered after Sonya Driver’s sister was diagnosed with a melanoma at only 30 years of age & Sonya wanted a safe sunless tanning alternative. Sun safety is at the very heart of what we do here at Eco Tan and what we try to achieve every day.

Introducing the NEW Lemongrass Cleansing Foam!

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Eco By Sonya Driver is welcoming a new organic body wash to the family!

Our family is constantly growing and this month we welcome a new organic body wash! Every time we add to our Eco By Sonya Driver range we make sure that the products are the absolutely very best from Mother Nature. First, you fell in love with our Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub and now get ready for the NEW Lemongrass Cleansing Foam.

Over the past three months we’ve introduced our BRAND new Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub! Following this release, our customers couldn’t be happier with the product’s natural properties and beautiful natural and organic ingredients.

Organic exfoliating body scrub, exfoliating body scrub, all natural body scrub, organic exfoliating body scrub, best organic body scrub

This amazing product targets stretch marks, dry flaky skin, pigmentation, acne and cellulite and has delivered some OUTSTANDING results!

Organic exfoliating body scrub, exfoliating body scrub, all natural body scrub, organic exfoliating body scrub, best organic body scrub

We have been inundated with reviews raving about it! With so many people falling more and more in love with it everyday!