THE NUDGE – Why this was the manual I needed to read.

The Nudge – Why this was the manual I needed to read. by Olivia Bosshard

On a rainy evening with a cup of hot tea I sat down on my couch and thought, this would be an opportune time for some reading. Being a lover of aesthetics (yes I tend to judge books by their covers) I picked up my new book that had arrived in the mail a couple days earlier. Gold embossed fluid lines, clean and simple; just what I was in the mood for! I was completely engrossed flipping from page to page, chapter to chapter, taking notes, highlighting, laughing out loud and putting tabs on pages. The cover of gold and the title could not be more true to how you feel once having read it.

Half way through the book and within an hour I glanced at my full cup of tea, I was so engrossed I’d completely forgotten about it. I thought how funny it was that my heart had been more than warmed, set on fire to say the least, not by tea, but by the book full of gold. The words; inspiring and enlightening, the author; hilariously clever, the book; ‘The Nudge’.

As an individual female who has had burning on her heart a business idea for about a year, this was exactly the book I needed to read. It is so easy to fall into the trap of perfectionism and thinking goals are unreachable and unattainable. Sonya debunks these myths in such a way that somehow leaves you feeling light and easy and ready to just go and give the idea a go. Yet you know what’s ironic, is when you read something like this, which doubles as a real life and business testimony, you can’t help but feel like it applies to all areas of your life: Perfectionism, plans, learning as you go and doing it all with truth and integrity.


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If ever there was a “Boss Lady” you wanted to look up to, Sonya is that one! Someone who puts their head down and works hard without a hint of  comparison or looking at what other’s do, or have. I think this is such a powerful mindset to grab a hold of for especially the younger generation and older men and women alike. It is so easy in this day and age to compare your life and situation, whether it is on social media or in person with another’s life. When all you see is someone else’s highlight reel and never or rarely hear or see their mishaps or the bumps along the road, it can be easy to think you are the only one or that the bumps aren’t normal. So THANKYOU Sonya for taking the time and vulnerability to bare the bumps along the rollercoaster and for being selfless enough to share your high’s and lows and invaluable knowledge.

One of my favourite quotes, (which you will see little quotes between pages of the book like love notes for the soul) is “Be ethical. Check your motivation. Do everything with a good heart. It all comes back”. And one thing you will see once closing the final chapters of this beautiful book, is the heart behind it all! Yes, what Eco Tan does through their skin care helps thousands of people in so many ways. However it didn’t stop there for them, having a heart that could see where they could bless and be a philanthropic love to people, that sometimes you won’t even hear or see is what the heart is. This book for me screamed of that heart too…I mean why else would someone who has built from the ground up a successful business share their secrets (like all of them) to help you and push you to do the same; their golden heart!


Thanks to ‘The Nudge’, I literally have two pages filled with dot points and checklists for myself to make for starting a business (who needs degrees right?) no absolutely nothing against them. However I do believe as I’m sure Sonya would agree, that we often have more knowledge, tools and power than we think we have, or the grand things we think we need aren’t always necessary. To give you some little clues; As Sonya says start with “Why?” and “what?” Do your research and know the substance, there has to be more than money! The rest of the secrets (and there are many) can be found on the heart baring, insightful and inspiring pages of ‘The Nudge’.

A book so perfectly named for the end result and feeling of closing the final few pages. It’s quite beautiful that ‘nudge’ means to gently prod or push… and that is so accurate of the words and the endmost feeling. Lovingly nudged towards  living life to the fullest and to start DOING, our dreams with no standards of perfection, without all the “knowledge” we think we need and the “resources” we think we need. Do you have a dream? What’s your heart burning for? Do you feel the prod? Do you feel the nudge?

Written by Olivia Bosshard




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