Are you ready for your longest lasting tan yet!

Introducing the world’s first express spray on Organic Hemp body tanning water. A gorgeous express tan with phenomenal skin benefits! (without the munchies).


HEMPITAN™ Body Tan Water™ is revolutionary and made from only organic and natural ingredients in a unique spray on 1 hour Express formula. A beautiful blend of organic hemp and hyaluronic treats the skin while delivering your longest lasting darkest tan yet in a spray on convenience.


I wanted to create a tan that was dark and lasted a long time which is why I chose to use Hemp Seed. Organic Hemp Seed Extract has phenomenal moisturising and hydrating benefits that lock in moisture that helps prolong your tan. It’s also known to help relieve skin irritations and is non-comedogenic so it won’t block your pores.


Cacao helps to soothe, hydrate & balance skin complexion and Pure Hyaluronic that naturally boosts the moisture in your skin.


Hempitan™, dries instantly and smells amazing. Trust me you’ve going to love the combination of sweet orange and cacao. It’s perfect for all skin types from fair to olive complexions. It’s the perfect partner for Face Tan Water


Just, beautiful clean ingredients just for you and all of the usual things you’d expect from us. Aussie made, vegan, cruelty free, certified organic.


Calm – Smooth – Clear


Ditch the nasty chemicals.


One comment on “Are you ready for your longest lasting tan yet!

  1. Jessica Walmsley on

    I have been using eco tan for about 10 years now. Everytime a new product comes out, I am excited. I have just loved following Sonya on her beautiful journey.
    When my bottle of hemptan arrived as usual I was excited to see the results. I sprayed a light spray and rubbed it in with the tanning Mit. Within 5 minutes, the sticky was gone and the smell was lovely, like a fresh clean smell. Different to the cocoa smell of the original tans. I love that it’s a 1hr tan so I can was it off. But…. you know what, I actually didn’t feel gross like I had a sticky tan on. It felt nice on my skin, so I slept on it. I woke up to the most amazing colour, very natural looking. My skin usually gets a bit dry from tans, even eco tan. No where near as much as any other brand though. And this tan, well I am up to day 4 and my skin has never looked and felt more hydrated. And the tan is still existant. And I have been in my spa every night. Usually a tan will last me two to three days. Because my skin is so dry. I am absolutely and utterly obsessed with this product. I need to bath in it, please make a proffessional size to go in a spray tan machine. I always get people hooked on eco tan, and I get told. You should be an eco fan rep! Yep I know… but seriously buy this product… you will be in love..


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