The product that has claimed world-wide cult status since 2015

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ECO TAN Face Tan Water™, The product that has claimed world-wide cult status! The only real one of its kind.


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Face Tan Water | Gradual Tanning Toner

If I have been at all successful in sharing my number one message with you all, you will all know and understand what damage the sun does to our skin. It’s causes early signs of aging, pigmentation and most importantly, nasty skin cancers. This is why I am so passionate about creating products to both combat and prevent this damage.

My Global multi Award Winning, game changer, ECO TAN Face Tan Water™, is one product that has claimed cult status amongst faux tan lovers and industry professionals world-wide.

The very first of its kind, actuallyFace Tan Water™ is the only one of its kind and with people all over the world revelling in this revolutionary all natural and organic product, it has certainly upped the tanning game since its release back in September of 2015.

I kept hearing people say that self tanning their face causes them to break out. So that’s why I developed the world first certified organic Face Tan! Our brilliant formulation has oodles of phenomenal organic actives such as hyaluronic acid which is an anti-ageing miracle ingredient, plus orange peel extract to fight acne. It’s non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores.

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Every day our socials and inboxes are flooded with customers telling us how much they love it, it just makes my heart warm.

Absolutely in love with this brand right now. The face tan water leaves my skin looking and feeling refreshed and for the first time in a long time allowed me to feel confident in my own skin. I now go out without makeup with a new found confidence. ” – Kate – August 9th

One of the most frequent comments we receive is that Face Tan Water™ gives our customers more confidence in themselves and their appearance and that they are not wearing makeup as often, and are instead are going bare faced. I am so glad that our customers are so happy with Face Tan Water™. It also assists in evening out your complexion, increasing hydration and minimising the need to cover your skin in layers of makeup.

“This product has literally changed my life!!!! I haven’t felt comfortable leaving the house without make up since I was 14 and with this face tan water I have completely stopped wearing make up. Absolutely love it!” – Nora, 

With absolutely NO hidden nasties, nothing synthetic or artificial and only Certified Organic and 100% natural ingredients straight from mother nature, do your skin a favour and apply Face Tan Water™. Your skin will soak up the natural goodness, leaving you with a radiant natural glowing complexion and an added dose of confidence! Less Makeup MORE YOU!

A Global phenomenon, multi-award winner, certified organic, 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free, Aussie made, A FACE CHANGER. NO synthetics, Toxic Free, NoBS!


I would love to hear your experience.

So far I have learnt this. My identity is not my looks ( as they are fading ) nor my money ( as I’m only getting it together now) my business or brain. It’s my heart and sunshine that people gravitate to. How wrong I have been for so many years. I’m still in shock that my super fit, totally gorgeous husband loves me with complete zest as I’m fading so spectacularly!

I guess I underestimated my essence. The whole of me that is shining brighter with every decision I make to forgive. To love.

I crave the whole person I am. I crave the parts that were over looked to make way for the show.

So as my phones flashes up with messages of love from Romanian children that I helped up from utter despair I have the revelation of the word whole! Such a fulfilling spirit shaking experience, to lift others up.

So as my body’s facade fades my being gets a chance to live. For me to be whole requires others to be whole.




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