A perfume called ‘HEADACHE’ – by Sonya Driver


A perfume called ‘HEADACHE – written by Sonya Driver. 

Did you know that our Founder Sonya is a monthly columnist for HOLISTIC BLISS Magazine.  Holistic Bliss Mag focuses on the ‘WHOLE’ individual; mind, body and spirit and helps readers to think about their connection with themselves, others and the environment. A natural health and an holistic way of life magazine. 



Here’s Sonya’s latest article;


A perfume called ‘HEADACHE’ – by Sonya Driver


Have you ever sprayed some perfume on, or sat near someone that is wearing a strong perfume and suddenly you have a headache and feel queasy?


If you researched the toxicity in perfume you would flip. The EWG found that most products that contained synthetic fragrances, such as perfumes, lotions, washes etc contain a hormone disruptor chemical called Phthalates. They are linked to many health conditions such as breast and liver cancer, reproductive malformations, diabetes and so much more.


Allergy and intolerance rates are rising due to the amount of chemicals we come into contact with daily. It is near impossible to escape them; from the couch to the dishwasher, personal care products, food, water…. So minimising the dangerous invisible toxic chemicals is the only thing we can do. If I’m going to wear perfume, I just dab a tiny bit of pure frankincense on my clothing.

This will sound like a shameful sales pitch… it’s just the truth. I launched a certified organic small skin care range recently and I wanted it to be as raw and vibrant in colour. Nature has the best scents! the best preservatives, the best cleansers, the best moisturisers. It’s all found in nature! Hence my range is called Skin Compost. Keep it simple.




Simple food, natural materials, clean lotions and potions. Remember your skin is your largest organ.


Completely off topic as you get older have you also noticed your tolerance for BS is lower?


People that you would have allowed to create drama in your life, you now CALL them on it. Its liberating! It’s not confrontation it’s bloody honest communication! I’m sure I’m allergic to some people; my energy goes, the world changes colour, I feel flat…. YEP if you feel like this around some people, my guess is you’re allergic to them.


Detox your life and shine ever brighter.


Blessings Sonya. x





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