WHOLE by Sonya Driver

WHOLE by Sonya Driver

WHOLE by Sonya Driver. Did you know that our Founder Sonya is a monthly columnist for HOLISTIC BLISS Magazine.  Holistic Bliss Mag focuses on the ‘WHOLE’ individual; mind, body and spirit and helps readers to think about their connection with themselves, others and the environment. A natural health and an holistic way of life magazine. 

Here’s Sonya’s latest article; WHOLE by Sonya Driver.

“WHOLE” by Sonya Driver


Every year I take a God inspired word into the new year.

This year it was ‘revelation’. Now, I’m still exploring the full meaning of the word as it unfolds in my life.


So far I have learnt this. My identity is not my looks ( as they are fading ) nor my money ( as I’m only getting it together now) my business or brain. It’s my heart and sunshine that people gravitate to. How wrong I have been for so many years. I’m still in shock that my super fit, totally gorgeous husband loves me with complete zest as I’m fading so spectacularly!

I guess I underestimated my essence. The whole of me that is shining brighter with every decision I make to forgive. To love.

I crave the whole person I am. I crave the parts that were over looked to make way for the show.

So as my phones flashes up with messages of love from Romanian children that I helped up from utter despair I have the revelation of the word whole! Such a fulfilling spirit shaking experience, to lift others up.

So as my body’s facade fades my being gets a chance to live. For me to be whole requires others to be whole.

Eco Tan | Founder Sonya Driver with Lonela and family in Romania

Sonya Driver with Lonela and the girls in Romania


Romania Calling 


where it all began

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