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And that’s a wrap 2017!! Well, what a year! It was the year of complete favour for us. We had miracle after miracle. Some I can share some I can’t.

We all have some years that we can’t wait to pass, 2017 was one that I will fondly remember always with complete GRATITUDE!

Here’s a quick snip.. 


We had our first Eco baby. Raveen was born on 22nd June 2017. She is our divine gift. Our treasure born to Rimmy and Joe our warehouse dynamic couple. Of course, I secretly claim her. She looks like me!!! Haha


We won 18 global phenomenal awards and were crowned (taking a bow) Best Organic Beauty Brand of 2017 from Lux Global Excellence Awards in the UK/Europe! Hard pinch and squeal.


We beat every record we ever had and have the best team that shine bright both for our customers and each other. I am so grateful for good people. I mean the truly good people. The decent hearts, the character, the compassion, the drive.


So, we are now sold on board two airlines, we found ourselves travelling to Hong Kong, Germany, Ireland, London, New Zealand and more for business. Going global.


We have a new range coming out next year and I can barely wait to see what our customers think about it.


Eco Tan, work party, Burleigh

Eco Tan Xmas Party 2017











Our Christmas party was seriously the best night of the year. We had the balcony of Oskars on Burleigh to ourselves where we held our appreciation awards and our lip sync competition. We have some serious talent. I was hopeless! I practiced in the car for weeks. My kids know every word of – Do you know what love is, by foreigner!

The winner was Paige with her Whitney Houston performance that left us spell bound. Go the Divas.

Lip Sync Battle 2017 Winner, Paige


The employee of the year went to Jason our storeman. The poor bastard has a heart of gold and this year we had him tracking up to Lismore to clean up a house of an elderly lady and re build a kitchen for her. I called him at 930pm one night when My husband had a health emergency and needed to go to the hospital and I had just got back from Germany so I was so jet lagged I reserved into the garage door and it fell on the car. He is the go to man! He had to learn computers fast to take over Rimmy’s role while she was on Mat leave and it stressed him out so much he barely slept. He is a master now! A good Man!


My personal highlight was travelling to Romania with Mish to rescue a mum and her 5 daughters from absolute misery and poverty. It was the most fulfilling super natural experience and I truly know that God is Love.


Blessings Sonya X


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