Best Organic Beauty Brand of 2017!

best global beauty brand 2017

Eco Tan & Eco By Sonya Driver WINS Best Organic Beauty Brand of 2017!

What a way to wrap up a phenomenal year!

Not only have our Certified Organic products received 7 international beauty accolades this year, our cruelty free, Aussie brand was recently announced as the Best Organic Beauty Brand of the Year 2017!

This announcement came from LUX Magazine’s Global Excellence Awards 2017. A major European global publication that highlights the most influential names and brands in the high end lifestyle and luxury health and beauty market.

This is seriously a HOLY GRAIL award!

It’s a huge win for us personally and the Australian Organics Industry at large. Not only does this award recognise our organic brand and products, but it also puts Australia on the map as a key manufacturer and producer of luxury organic beauty products.

I feel beyond blessed. Praise Jesus. As you probably already know we have won numerous accolades in the Natural Beauty market – brag, brag, brag… But to win this award and receive recognition in the Luxury Goods market truly shows our passion and innovation in creating world class organic beauty products.

A quick snapshot of our victories this year…

From recognition in the USA, the UK, Ireland and our home turf if Australia, we are beyond proud of the name and reputation our Aussie organic brand is making globally. Just incase you’ve lost track of what we’ve won so far this year… (sometimes we do, we’re running out of fingers to count on!)



Be blessed

Sonya xx