From Humble Beginnings…

As Eco Tan becomes a global organic beauty empire, Sonya Driver Eco Tan Founder takes us back to when she was a single mum, mixing ingredients in her house

Sonya Driver Eco Tan Founder & single mum creates organic global health and beauty empire from tiny rundown kitchen

From humble beginnings in her tiny Gold Coast kitchen in 2010, Sonya Driver Eco Tan founder now celebrates Eco Tan’s seventh year in business! Eco Tan has become a constantly growing global company with a huge and passionate cult following worldwide.

A growing global presence

Today, in the organic beauty industry, we are considered a global leader! We have has 30 passionate Gold Coast staff members and thousands of stockists and distributors globally. Our products are now stocked as far and remotely as Madagascar, Vanuatu, Dubai and New Caledonia. Furthermore, you can even stock up on us from the Greek Isles or while flying on Icelandic Air!

Staunch in their values and beliefs

Despite our global reach, we refuse to consider entry into the Chinese market. China’s woeful animal cruelty practices means no amount of money will ever lure us away from our mission of ending animal cruelty.

Industry recognition

We have attended trade shows all over the world! And Industry professionals have noticed our presence. We have also gained exposure throughout Las Vegas, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong and London. Furthermore, with 11 major industry awards under our belt, and more in the works, our organic products are being seen and our message heard! We often even beaten out big players in the UK – for their own home-grown accolades! Some of these awards including: The Janey Loves Platinum Awards, The Pure Beauty Awards, The Natural Health International Beauty Awards, The Beauty Shortlist Awards, The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards and RSVP Magazine’s Beauty Awards

Eco Tan Award winning organic tanning and body care range - founded by Sonya Driver

A company that gives back

We LOVE to ‘give back’! We regularly sponsor animal refuses… And we even paid for surgery for homeless dogs! Sonya is also passionate about sponsoring a Romanian woman and children, a cause close to her heart. Furthermore, Sonya even donated her wedding gifts to a local domestic violence charity.

Despite their growing success Sonya Driver Eco Tan Founder remains grounded, grateful and focused on their bright future. She maintains that…

“Eco Tan is evolving at a rapid rate, but my motivation will always come from the same place it began… Creating ecologically friendly, toxic free and cruelty free beauty products that provide people with a healthier alternative”. 

On a final note, we would like to thank our Eco Tribe – we wouldn’t be at where we are today, without you xx

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