Beyond Disability

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From the Founder

My focus this week… Practicing self care.

You know its not the crap that happens to us in life that defines us, its what we do with that crap. I always try to turn it into a positive. Ohhh… I feel the pain first and go through the emotions of whatever has smashed me and I strive to be an OVERCOMER!

There is no other option.

I had a Basal Cell Carcinoma cut out of my chest, 5 years later one from my forehead. Then recently a penetrating BCC from my nose. The mistake I made was the tiny spot that would bleed on my nose had been there 3 years. I did have it frozen off however it grew back. I recently learnt that freezing BCC only has a 30% success rate.

I then went back a year later… I dawdled  into the surgery to have my regular skin check and said I don’t think the freezing worked, it’s still bleeding. Der!!! (80’s chick) I then tried the prescription cream and applied it for 6 weeks which left my nose sore and ulcerated.

Long story short… I should have had it cut out 3 years before I did.

I discovered something about myself two weeks ago on the surgery table. I’m not as tough as I thought. I said “No don’t worry, local is fine, I’ll  be right”… I in fact hyperventilated on the table and found the whole experience traumatic. I should have had a general anaesthetic with a plastic surgeon. My skin specialist did give me the option. But, I put myself second. I’m so annoyed at my lack of self care in that moment. I wouldn’t of let my daughters or friends go through what I did, surely I count too.

Practicing self care

So beyond this pain and vulnerability I am grateful for a chance to start to truly adopt practicing self care. I have so much compassion for others; for people, the planet, and animals. But one thing I lack? Compassion for myself. Not to have to put myself through trauma because I expect that I have to be tougher than other people and I in some ways I wore that like a badge.

I will also take my hideous experience and advocate and nag to anyone that’s wants to listen to go have a skin check, check your mates back, stay safe in the sun and protect your skin from the great fire ball. What a great opportunity I have to share my story and encourage others to stay safe in the sun. Stop putting yourself last, you are worthy and precious too.

Love yourself back, Mate xx


5 comments on “Beyond Disability

  1. Jennifer Parker on

    You amazing lady, you say it so well. I, like you, have had similar surgery on my nose for an invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Like you, Under local and like you again, I went into a mild shock. A couple of years later, same operation, same type of skin cancer, this time my upper lip. Again local. Not sure why, I guess I am frightened to go under in case I don’t wake up. Do what is right for you to get rid of the nasty cancers and never be afraid to get a second opinion…just don’t waste time doing so.!

  2. Debbie Moyle on

    Hi l have just been diagnosed with the same thing on my arm and forehead l also have a dry scab on my nose and right hand they are treating my nose and hand with the cream tomorrow and Friday getting the one on my arm cut out the one on my forehead has been referred to a plastic surgeon l have been put on the waiting list so not sure how long that will take but l will now be following up on the nose and hand if the cream doesn’t work. Thankyou for posting this as l will make sure to have regular skin checks from now on.
    Cheers Deb x

  3. Susan Burgess on

    You’re very brave Sonya!
    As a mum you have to take care of yourself. Sharing your story will cause people to check their skin and have those conversations. I know I didn’t know there was a difference between cosmetic surgeon and plastic surgeon till one of my daughters needed a large mole removed from her arm. We went with a wonderful cosmetic surgeon Dr Ian McDougall and you can’t even tell which arm it was removed from. I’ve also had two small moles removed from my face and I remember going straight out for coffee afterwards with the dressings on my face. ‘ Small cappuccino and if you’re wondering, I just had two moles removed’
    I pray your skin will heal quickly?

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