Transformation is not a solo journey

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Eco Tan Founder, Sonya Driver, shares some insight into her organic company Eco Tan, and how she got to where she is today.

I had a moment today when I realised after 7 years of incredible growth in my organic company Eco Tan (that started out of my tiny kitchen) I still had my first 2 sales people!

As I looked at them, hugging hello to each other, I thought about their personal transformation and it has been truly monumental…

Not everyone comes along for the ride, but not everyone is supposed to… that had to be my hardest lesson knowing in my gut when to cut some people loose but also valuing and liking them at the same time.

I truly believe that transformation comes to us by pushing forward. It’s about persistence and drive, but also by making some tough and painful decisions. I’ll be straight up… DON’T let the crap transform you.  Business and life will be challenging but shake it off and go for gold.

I have a saying “Build everything on a good foundation. Believe and work harder than 95% of other people, it’s in that pain and effort you will find the GOLD”. And I know this from personal experience!

So from hard beginnings I personally transformed an idea to a very successful global business, organic company Eco Tan, because I felt the pain and still (sometimes crawling) I move forward knowing the rewards that come with it. Even in just the last 2 years, our company has seriously blossomed from an Aussie range with a handful of organic products, to a global company featuring several product lines with stockists and distributors worldwide!

I boarded a plane London last month to train a chain of stores that I have been working to get into for years! Planet Organic, a highly respected chain has taken my organic Aussie range and sold out within 1 week!

What I believe? Anyone can transform their business if they can stand a little heat, because let’s be honest, not many are clapping for you when you win! (But don’t let it stop you!)

Here is a little guide from me:

  1. Check your motivation
  2. Find your determination
  3. Know your strengths and weaknesses
  4. Gather the right people (remove the wrong people quickly)
  5. Put pen to paper and do your vision plan

Transformation is uncomfortable. I now have such an appreciation of successful people. What I do know is LUCK has nothing to do with it. Truly successful people take as many people with them as they can.

PS: only take advise from successful people!

PPS: You will fail every day in some way, so forgive yourself and move on quick!

Blessings xx