What you need to know about our Natural Deo

Our organic deodorant creates a pleasant coconut scent & naturally allows your body to release toxins, whilst keeping you dry. Aluminium free!

An organic deodorant that actually works!

I honestly couldn’t find a natural or organic deodorant that worked for me… They were either too slimy or too hippy smelling for my taste.

As a runner, I really wanted one that kept me smelling fresh, while I ran with my running group. I wanted a natural alternative that would actually work for me! I also didn’t want my teen daughters to start off with an anti perspirant loaded with gland blocking aluminium.

So that’s how our Coconut Deodorant came about. Our unisex formula is one that is made for everyone!

Why THIS natural deodorant?

Instead of acting like an antiperspirant by blocking your sweat glands, our natural Coconut Deodorant allows your body to actually release toxins. We use Certified Organic Corn Flour to keep you naturally drier and fresh all day long. Many people also find corn flour LESS irritating on their skin than other alternatives such as bicarb soda used in other natural deodorants.

My husband suffers from dermatitis under his arms and this is the only deodorant he can use! That was a big tick for me! He regularly travels for work too so it’s a bonus that our Coconut Deodorant is a convenient, travel-sized roll on.

Our clever blend of organic and natural ingredients including Coconut, Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Lavender also helps to mask unpleasant body odours and creates a pleasant coconut scent instead.

Our organic deodorant is aluminium free and paraben free. You also won’t find any synthetic ingredients or toxic chemicals in it. As always, our products have No hidden nasties, guaranteed and are also vegan and cruelty free. So ditch your deodorant and switch to our Certified Organic alternative today!

“I really love Natural Coconut Deodorant, not only does it smells so delicious (you think you could drink from the bottle!) but it gets rid of the odour. It is so soothing, I don’t have skin irritation underarms anymore. I already recommended the product to my client and my sisters. Cheers!– Linh

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  1. Sue Holmes on

    I too will use nothing else . I think I must have tried every one on the market and this is perfect for me . Worked all through the heat and dust of Africa !

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