The Joy Givers Soiree Lunch

Sonya Driver, founder of organic Eco Tan, hosted the Joy Giver's Soiree Lunch - a Fundraiser Event, to raise money & help a poverty stricken family.

Fundraiser Event Gold Coast – The Joy Givers Soiree Lunch

It’s rare to get the opportunity to REALLY change the lives of this those in desperate need.

My friend and fellow joy giver, Owen, of many years has a heart for the homeless and broken, and he spends his time travelling the world helping those in need. Recently Owen visited Romania and one family in particular rocked him to his core… We decided, it was time to rally our folks, we needed to organise a fundraiser event.

Lonela’s Story:

Lonela is a single mother of five daughters. She can’t read or write. To earn money to feed her family, she works for the fishermen and fisheries digging through dirt for worms for 13 hours per day! Sadly Lonela hasn’t seen her eldest daughter smile in three years.

They have no running water, toilet, shower, food, shoes or beds. Their ‘house’, if you could even call it that, has no doors or windows.

We were only told a few days ago that two of the girls have UTI’s because they hold on all night without having a toilet.


I couldn’t bare the suffering so we rallied up the Joy Givers!

So my friend Kerry and I decided to host a fundraising event to ensure the family get running water, a toilet, a hot shower, and new bathroom. Without this, the girl’s health is severely affected.

Lonela and her daughters call us “The Joy Givers”, so it was only fitting that our event was called “The Joy Givers Soiree Lunch”. To everyone that attended, YOU are a joy giver. Many people and brands volunteered to cook, entertain, waitress and most importantly donate! I’m blown away by the desire in most peoples hearts to give. I opened up my home to friends and family and together through ticket sales, raffles and donations, we raised $9,000 in our fundraiser event for Lonela and her girls! EVERY cent of this will go directly to the family!

Here are some snaps from the lunch.

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So far, The Joy Givers have…

  • Raised money and a window has been fitted to protect the girls from the elements, especially during the cold winter months in Romania.
  • No longer will the girls sleep with rats, or in old chairs and boards. The girls have new bunk beds and bedding after people sent money to Owen.
  • Every girl needs shoes and warm clothes, so this was high on the agenda especially in this arctic climate! Lonela and her eldest daughter shared one coat. We bought them clothes and gum boots to protect their feet and bodies from the chills.
  • We recently sent medical kits to help with the children’s fevers and illnesses. I heard God say VERY clearly “send worm tablets”. At the time I didn’t even know but Sarah, Lonela’s youngest daughter, has been suffering the torment of worms for probably the whole of her life. The medical kit arrived in Romania – praise Jesus! It only cost us $5 to buy worming tablets and stopped hell for this little girl!
  • A new fridge and food.
  • Since the girls don’t always attend school in the winter months because of the snow and weather conditions, we arranged a new TV for them.

14699416_10154683729555774_949389530_oScreen Shot 2016-10-19 at 2.14.09 PMWorms

We are so GRATEFUL and can really see Lonela’s life changing before our eyes!

  • Lonela is no longer digging and recently got a job as a kitchen hand.
  • She can now afford to learn to read & write with the help of a tutor.

It’s just my observation, but people that are givers have the best lives in terms of happiness. I believe there is a reason we are born with two hands – one to help someone else and the other to lift yourself up.

I am so grateful to anyone and everyone who has contributed to our fundraiser event! You are changing lives. Thank you for blessing this family with all that we have been able to give them! This is generosity at its best. God bless you all.

Shine bright folks!

Love The Joy Givers xx

Thank you to all our generous sponsors


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