Our Good Return Sponsorship – Samang Chen

A cause close to our heart | Eco Tan Charity

Here at Eco Tan Charity, our mission is to do good in the world. For the environment, for our skin, for animals and, of course, doing good for others. Sonya is a big believer of reaping what you sow, and her strong Christian faith provides the backbone of her charitable nature. 

Our latest charitable cause is sponsoring Samang Chen, a woman from Cambodia, through Good Return. Good Return is a not-for-profit organisation that allows people and businesses to provide microloans to those in poverty around the globe. 

Samang, a farmer in the Kratie Province, works hard every day growing cassava – a major source of carbohydrates in Cambodia. Through her hard work and hustling, Samang earns $12 a day which she uses to support her three children. One day, Samang hopes that her business will pay for her children to go to university. Since hearing Samang’s story, a chord was struck with everyone at Eco Tan HQ. We could all relate to being hardworking women who want to support our family.

Eco Tan Charity

For this reason, we provided Samang with a loan for her business. With this she will be able to hire a ploughing contractor prepare for the next crop season. Also, this will create a sustainable income for Samang and aid in breaking the cycle of poverty. We are inspired by Samang’s determination and drive, and we hope that our loan is the beginning of a prosperous crop season for her business. 

Sonya always says when you raise up a women, you raise up a community.

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