Tips & Tricks to Success in Business…

Sonya Driver’s Business Success: Tips & Tricks

What I believe is… what you love to do is your calling.

You will naturally be good at it and you will instinctively know how to make it a business success.

So many people go looking for business ideas, I hear all the time, “I don’t know what I want to do.”

My answer is always: ”Well, what’s your passion? What’s your gift? We all have something”.

At the risk of sounding like a bragger, I am good at business.

Anyone’s business. I don’t know why, I can just see how to make it successful and what structures and models need to be put in place to make it a success.

I am driven to see other people succeed! It excites me.

I love the doers of this world and will extend myself to anyone that has the right motivation and when my gut feeling goes crazy!

My team, on the other hand, hates it because I spend many hours per week mentoring mainly CEO’S of all sorts of different businesses. I also genuinely like to do it for free (much to my accountants displeasure). The reason I don’t like to charge is because that way I don’t have to censor myself.

And I can let rip! I am very selective on who I choose to mentor as I get so frustrated by idealists that waste my time because I know they will do NOTHING!

My style is not for the faint hearted or egomaniacs. If the only way forward is to dismantle someone’s whole business model- I’ll do it!

The biggest reason people fail is from FEAR. That 4 letter word will rip you apart. It takes courage and stamina to be successful.

I’m always getting asked for tips, so here are some of them:

  1. This is the most IMPORTANT advise I can give- ALWAYS follow your gut feeling.
  1. Check your motivation. Money isn’t the best motivator!
  1. Surround yourself with people of good character and that speak positive words to you! Avoid toxic people like the plague. Use your gut feeling to recognise them. Oh, and once you succeed expect to lose a few people from your life. Very few people are GENUINELY happy for your success.
  1. Keep it simple and grow it organically. Don’t over commit financially. If possible don’t borrow to start the business. And don’t be paralaysed by aiming for perfection for business success – you’ll never reach it!
  1. Do the grind!! In business success, there is no easy way to bypass the grind. The most successful people do the work. I still do 1/3 of all our social media, 7 days a week, have young children and am the CEO of 2 companies. I am involved in every aspect of MY business. You don’t need to have a fancy piece of paper telling you that you are smart! In fact out of my 19 staff only 2 have degrees. My team is BLOODY awesome. I absolutely love them to bits.
  1. Be a giver. I look for any opportunity to give to people in many different ways. What you sow comes back.

For me, I pray! I know the battle is not against flesh and blood rather powers of principalities. I pray to relieve stress, give thanks, receive wisdom and everything else. That’s my weapon in this crazy place. Find yours.



10670095_974954955853801_6213222310270208791_n“Sonya is an amazing woman and business woman. Her generosity of knowledge and experience makes her mentoring rich and influential. Sonya has shared insights with me that have covered areas of business modelling, sales and marketing, staff management and more. She uses her intelligence and intuitive wisdom to guide others, just the way she has guided herself, to sustainable success and fulfilment. ”

J.Madison | CEO and founder of Coconut Magic

“Starting a small business is a very daunting prospect! Help! Where do I start! How do I start?  Directors Allison Belshaw and Dianna Morton started Silverlane Premium Equine Products Pty Ltd in 2014 and Sonya Driver was kind enough to squeeze us in to her busy schedule to mentor us and point us in the right direction for business advice.  Giving us fantastic tips, pointers, contacts and advice.  Sonya was able to helps us start our business adventure.  Sonya even had our product samples sent to her overseas distributors – one of which we are in negotiations with about distributing our product in Europe.  We will be eternally grateful to Sonya, who is always available to help whether it be for a quick coffee, phone call, SMS or email. Thank you so much Sonya, you are our inspiration!!” – Dianna Morton | Founder and director of Silverlane premium equine products

“Sonya is an excellent business mentor, a kind hearted friend with a great sense of humour. Last year she showed us her tried and tested sales structure, which we are slowly implementing into our business. I wish her well and hope that other small businesses can learn from her.” – Tarj Mavi | CEO and founder of La Mav Organic.