You Need to Believe to Receive

Eco Tan Founder, Sonya Driver, deeply connected with Dr Libby's talk 'The Pace of Modern Life versus our Cavewoman Biochemistry'... Read her review!

This video changed my life: The Pace of Modern Life versus our cavewoman biochemistry

I seriously urge you to watch Australian leading nutritionist and international speaker, Dr Libby Weaver, present The pace of modern life versus our cavewoman biochemistry. Dr Libby discusses how in today’s age women are feeling the pressure of trying to be all things to all people and our current biochemistry has yet to catch up…

Ever had the feeling someone was peeking inside your soul?

Well when I stumbled across this video on FB that is exactly how I felt! Instead of feeling convicted or guilty I felt so sorry for myself and other Women. I even cried for Dr Libby

To say I could relate to this was a gross under statement. I would joke and put my manic lifestyle down to having ADHD (self diagnosed of course) driven, determined over achiever. In sad reality, I was simply treading water as fast as I could and didn’t have time to catch my breath. I actually knew I held my breath through the day. I shovelled food down standing up, doesn’t every mother do that?

On Reflection…

So… on reflection of this video I know without a doubt it is all true for me 100% even the running part! I get up 3 mornings a week at 4.28am and run with my beloved RK POD running group and I still carry extra kilos that I cant shake. I crave caffeine and sugar (organic absolutely) just to get me through.

What do we do now?? How do we stop? My belief system is as follows…. If you stop the company and everyone will collapse. Its not safe to stop. So keep going and giving 200% until you collapse.

So I wait… I wait until my path is clear and I discover how to have balance and re group. I will pray for doors to be open and joy to fill my being once more. And I am open and willing to change….

The question that lingers in my mind is what if its boring when I stop?


Sonya xx