Cleverly Blended Essential Oils For Your Outdoor Enjoyment

The NEWEST addition to our luxurious Eco By Sonya Driver range is an outdoor body spray. Next week, you will officially get to meet our Organic Personal Outdoor Spray!

 What you need to know about our outdoor body spray:

“It was so refreshing to be able to spray something that smelt so good and wasn’t toxic on him.”

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Cass Wicks, mother & attorney

DEET’s the problem!

The active ingredient in most commercial insect repellants is N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide otherwise called “DEET”. This chemical is considered safe ONLY in very low doses and is not recommended for prolonged uses or multiple applications. Since it is absorbed through our skin, this chemical also absorbs into the systemic circulation. Scary!

The effects may include irritation to the eyes, skin and respiratory system. As a result, the prolonged use of DEET, has been linked to severe harm to the brain and nervous system function. In particular, children are also particularly at risk as their skin more readily absorbs chemicals in the environment, which have more potent effects on their developing nervous systems.

Nicki Wood, a Gold Coast Naturopath and Homeopath used Organic Personal Outdoor Spray and was amazed with the results.


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Nicki Wood, Naturopath & Homeopath


Sonya, who lives by the creek, also swears by it!

Sonya uses her Personal Outdoor Spray as a room spray when she is feeling fatigued to help her feel refreshed. Sonya’s husband Gary says his outdoor body spray is an absolute essential in his gym bag – he uses it to spray himself AND his running shoes after a work out.