7 Secrets to Staying Healthy on Holidays

7 Tips to staying fit and healthy while travelling – By Asha Burnley

I’ve got the travel bug! Traveling can be life changing, but unfortunately it can also throw off your healthy lifestyle and fitness routine.

Here are my tips for keeping healthy, comfortable and energised while away from home. You don’t have to take a holiday from your healthy lifestyle with these secrets!

  1. Before you leave, make sure you’re packed with your health, fitness and travelling beauty essentials. You can download body weight workouts to your devices, pack a workout DVD or even bring along a skipping rope. I always pack my Coconut Body Milk to hydrate my skin from the stresses of traveling.
  1. Book accommodation with a fitness centre, pool or is close to a park so you can shake off any jet lag. If this isn’t an option, you can still get an awesome and quick workout done in your hotel room.
  1. Limit carry on luggage to ensure you enjoy a comfortable flight with plenty of leg room and a less cramped space. This is why I use Invisible Tan the night before I fly. This saves room in my luggage and I have a beautiful glowing tan all week!

Invisible Tan

  1. Mix up your regular exercise routine with exciting new activities such as hikes, bike riding, snorkeling, wind surfing, paddle boarding, tennis, canoeing, skiing, snow boarding or even sight seeing. I never forget to take Eco Tan’s Natural Coconut Sunscreen to protect my skin while exploring.
  1. Walk, walk and walk! Whenever possible, get out and explore this new and exciting place.
  1. Talk to the locals and try to find a gym or studio to do a casual class. On my travels, I have trained in some gyms and areas that only the locals go to and it’s always such an incredible experience.
  1. Whenever healthy meal options are available, always select them (even if it’s just a matter of ordering a side salad with your main meal), because there will be times when healthy options won’t be available. Experiment with foods and flavours, try the local cuisines and fresh produce – variety is always good in your diet!

Healthy Holiday

Words by Fitness Queen, Asha Burnley