A new addition to the Eco Community Mentoring Program!

Eco Community: What is a life without helping others?

It’s always incredibly satisfying to assist someone in need or give back. Eco Tan was founded on the principles of serving others in the community. Sonya always says

“We were born with two arms. One to help ourselves and one to help others.”

We LOVE to ‘give back’! We regularly sponsor animal refuses… And we even paid for surgery for homeless dogs! Sonya is also passionate about sponsoring a Romanian woman and children, a cause close to her heart. Furthermore, Sonya even donated her wedding gifts to a local domestic violence charity – read more about that here.

Since its conception, Eco Tan has always been out in the community, helping other small businesses grow in the same way. Sonya’s core beliefs has driver her to always be happy to offer FREE mentoring advice to other businesses. Thus, the ‘Eco Community Mentoring’ program was born… Through Sonya’s natural passion for giving back and sharing her blessings with others.

Eco Community Mentoring

Meet Leesa – the newest addition to the Eco Community Mentoring Program!

The latest to be a part of the ECM program is Style By Leesa – a local styling company run by Leesa Pearce. After helping friends and family with styling and interior design, Leesa decided to take her passion and turn it into a business. Now she spends her days scouring for affordable living in homewares stores anywhere from Northern NSW to the Sunny Coast for her happy clients.

Styling your home is the latest trend, eclipsing that of renovations, due to its convenience and affordability. Recognising Leesa’s natural eye for interior styling, Sonya enlisted her to transform her home. Her brief was simple: I want our family and visitors to feel like sipping a ginger mojito the moment they walk in. British India meets tropics with an over abundance of places to lay vertical.”

Up until this point, Sonya had been living in dark, cramped spaces in a tiny home in Currumbin. She dreamed of building her own home for herself, her partner Gary and two daughters – Charlotte and Bronte. And however many homeless dogs she could collect!  Ten years in the making, this dream has finally become a reality. Going above and beyond, the styling done by Leesa was more than Sonya could have ever wished for.



Here are some of Leesa’s top styling tips to transform your home:
  • Start with a neutral palette and add splashes of colour in the way of:
    • rugs,
    • cushions,
    • flowers and lush green plants
  • Deep tropical green, pops of brass & black is the latest seasonal trend
  • Family photos can be a bit daggy so break them up with some cool art pieces and get creative with textures
  • Comfort is always in, so go for a neutral deep lounge and build around that – think lighting, artwork, candles, photos, flowers rugs & cushions.Open Door

If you love Leesa’s work like Sonya does, get in touch with her at:

0422 006 860 or stylebyleesa@hotmail.com

Facebook: Style by Leesa 

Instagram: @style_byleesa

Our Eco Community Mentoring Program is open to all women who want to grow their business and join a network of like-minded, driven individuals. Contact operations@ecotan.com.au for more information.

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