Coffee Cup Overflows to Support Communities in Need

The Inspiring Kayla Hanna is helping the Communities in need, one coffee at a time.

We interviewed the incredible Kayla Hanna. This Gold Coaster volunteers her skills and time to brew cups of coffee for the homeless. She helps those in need to bring communities together. Her initiative Kayla’s Specialty Community Coffee travels along the coast, most frequently at Coolangatta beach, to connect with the less fortunate and make a real and lasting difference in their lives.

As soon as you speak with Kayla, her sense of ambition is obvious – this initiative is so much more than a caffeine hit for her.

“It’s about sharing my knowledge. It’s about helping them with life skills to empower them and prepare them for the workforce”.

This is no cup of instant! Kayla has undertaken extensive Barista training and established her skills within the community, taking out two National Barista competitions! Also Kayla’s now passing her knowledge along to anyone willing to learn to try and help them in gaining employment. When she’s not behind the coffee machine and sharing her skills counselling, Kayla works as a Chaplain two days a week at a local school.

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It Works

Kayla has effectively broken down barriers to develop a community of people with arms wide open to support each other. She says that many of the homeless men now eagerly await her by saving her a car space and all joining in to help her carry the equipment from her car to set up. Kayla’s motto is “never underestimate the push of simply listening to someone,” and over a cup of coffee creates the perfect environment to do exactly that.

Kayla’s work is all not for profit. She relies on the generosity of others and anything that can help – coffee beans, cups and milk. Her community has grown over the year but her machine is struggling to keep up. To replace her machine and bring more coffee to the community, Kayla is crowd funding the cost a new machine. If you are able to donate to money or any resources check out her page at

Kayla Coffee