Watch out LONDON. We’re here!

Eco Tan / Eco By Sonya UK takes on London!

Aussie brand, Eco Tan & Eco By Sonya UK, had the opportunity to TAKE ON London at the Natural and Organics Products Expo!

Although, London was a rocky start. After 3 flights and almost 24 hours of flying, the last thing we were expecting was to be in a car accident. We were just driving out of Heathrow airport, we slammed on the brakes only to land in the back of a car and have a black cab land in the back of us. With both air bags deployed and one of them hitting Sonya in the face. Leaving her battered and bruised. We were shocked to say the least.

The worst part was having to wait another 3 hours on the side of the highway. Especially in the London temperatures we weren’t yet used to in order for the insurance company to come and pick us up.

After this chaos subsided it was 3am in the morning and that’s when the jet lag hit us hard! We found ourselves sitting in our pyjama’s at a 24 hour cafe two mornings in a row. We ordered scrambled eggs while the people next to us stumbled in from the local night club and ordered shots!

But all in all it was a wonderful experience where we finally got to meet fans of Eco Tan and Eco by Sonya.

Here are some photos of us at the expo!

EcoTan Pop-up Stand     EcoTan Application

It wasn’t all business and no play. Here are some of our favourite photos while we were gone!

Sonya and the Queen

We met the queen, haha!

Selfie Time

Always time for a quick selfie….

Beautiful Scenery in London

Don’t have views like this in Australia…but we also don’t have that cold weather!

Team London - Nic, Lauren and Sonya










Due to popular demand we now ship WORLDWIDE! We’re so excited to finally be taking on the International Market by storm!

Look out Europe – we’re coming for you!