Firefighters help! It’s getting HOT in here…

This Tuesday, some of our very lucky staff members got to spend the day “working” on the set of the Firefighters Calendar Australia shoot for next years calendar!

Starting the day bright and early we had to make our way to Mount Nathan to meet some firefighters for the Firefighters Calendar Australia shoot… We thought we reached our destination! Oops! We ended up in someone’s house before realising that we were in the wrong spot!

Not to worry, the day was soon saved when we re-grouped and it wasn’t all bad… we walked onto the set to find this:

Set heats up

The set heated up quickly… And scenes like this kept us focused all day!

Call a Firefighter!

Most of these guys had never had a spray tan before! But they were being good sports about it and taking it well…

Firefighters Spray Tanning Firefighters TanningSpray Tan Hugh

Wonder if they’ll end up being as obsessed with tanning as we are…

Some Happy Chappy bronzed boys!

Bronze SmileBronzed and Beautiful

We used our organic professional solutions to spray tan these young men with our favourites – Rich Honey Solution and Two Solution.

Boom Operator not impressed

He’s thinking “I don’t get paid enough for this!”

Volunteered to go first Eco Tan and Hugh

Hugh was such a good sport and was the first to volunteer to take his shirt off… to get a spray tan. But hey, we weren’t complaining!

All in all it was a successful day where we got to be involved in a truly good cause!

Established in 1993, the Firefighters Calendar Australia has raised much needed funds for the community. They raise funds presently for the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Westmead Children’s Hospital Burns Unit.

Overall, we were honoured to get on board and we think it’s an amazing cause. We all had a bit of fun “working”, while teaching guys about organic spray tans.

We are very excited to see the amazing photos that were taken on the day!